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Erkunde Jahre Nach, Millionen Jahre und noch mehr!

Entstand die Erde in planetarer Billardpartie? Im Inneren von Asteroiden finden gigantische Umwälzungsprozesse statt, ähnlich denen, wie in der Anfangsphase der Erde. Abb.: Der Asteroid Vesta in einer Aufnahme der NASA-Sonde Dawn. Zur Verdeutlichung erlaubt diese Darstellung den Blick in das Innere etwa 50 Millionen Jahre nach dessen Entstehung. (Bild: NASA-JPL / Caltech / DLR / Goethe-U. / ETH)…

Verona Rupes, located on Uranus' moon Miranda, is the tallest cliff in the solar system. Estimated to be 12 miles high (10 times the depth of the Earth's Grand Canyon). How the giant cliff was created remains unknown, but is possibly related to a large impact or tectonic surface motion.

Mysterious Mars moon Phobos. S)

Triton's Surface. This color photo of Neptune's large satellite Triton was obtained on Aug. 24 1989 at a range of 530,000 kilometers (330,000 miles). The resolution is about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), sufficient to begin to show topographic detail. Credit: NASA

Believe it or not, this is the North Pole of Saturn. It is unclear how an unusual hexagonal cloud system that surrounds Saturn's north pole was created, keeps its shape, or how long it will last. Originally discovered during the Voyager flybys of Saturn in the 1980s, nobody has ever seen anything like it elsewhere in the Solar System.

Mercury is the closest planet to our Sun, but oddly enough, not the hottest. Since Mercury has no atmosphere, more of the Sun's heat radiates away from it whereas Venus, even though it's further away from the sun, has a thick greenhouse atmosphere trapping and retaining the Sun's heat and making it hotter.