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"I need a break from my own thoughts.." || Anime : Charlotte (2015) || © Karunase ||

~ADOPTED BY MERA WHITEROSE?~ Hi I'm Kara - blushes - you look cute today.. - looks at your outfit and smiles - I am 14 and I love fashion.. Mom never let me shop so I worked for my own money and bought my own clothes.. - smiles and giggles -

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You should see my parents reaction. They give me weird looks or they just say "just leave her be. She's in her own world again"

Cheat-sheet for drawing girl legs sideways. This is mostly from my own observation, and using the straight/curve principal for appeal in drawing.

What Do Other People Find Attractive About Your Personality?

You got: Your Adorable Awkwardness ~ You’re quirky in the most adorable way, and your kinks are one of the reasons people love you. You have your own unique way of doing things, but that’s what makes you awesome. Your eclectic nature and special ways are way sexier than you’ll ever know.