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Content creation is the way to build a huge online presence for your business. Start from where you are and keep moving.

How Online Video Can Grow Your Business and Your Brand : Social Media Examiner

Use video to expand your world, to show how you do things, introduce others to your interests

Trim Tips Thursday: According to, cutting back on sugar is an important part of any healthy diet plan. Sugar has no nutritional value and a high-sugar diet leads to food cravings and increases hunger. Learn how to cut back on hidden sugar in this article from @Angela Martin Light.

Foods high in vitamin d

Trust. Intent. Collaboration. Callum Laing shares the values that drive and build his high-performing businesses! #ExecLifeSG #business #life #worklife #success #blogposts #management #strategies #tips #howto #article #singapore #executive #lifestyle #networking #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #work #women #womeninbusiness #magazine

Find The Thing You're Most Passionate About, Then Do It On Nights And Weekends For The Rest Of Your Life

Top 10 Plants That Are High On Nutritional Value

Top 10 Plants That Are High On Nutritional Value | Live Dan 330

5 Money Lessons Kids Can Learn on Vacation

5 Money Lessons Kids Can Learn on Vacation...sorry no good pic. great lessons though

10 Sneakers That Quadrupled In Resale Value

An article that surveys the retail value vs re-sell value of various popular sneakers. The article explains how the original market price inflates drastically for re-sell due to limited quantities. Various sneakers have seen quadruple resale values, which can basically mean the "re-sellers" of the shoe obtain a producer / resale surplus with a high marginal profit.

Garden Gate Magazine - Issue 76 video on how to break stone. Now for the hammer and chisel!