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Erkunde Grabstein, Desktop-Hintergründe und noch mehr!

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Circles and right lines limit and close all bodies and the mortall right-lined circle must conclude and shut up all. There is no antidote against the Opium of time which temporally considereth all things; Our Fathers finde their graves in our short memories and sadly tell us how we may be buried in our Survivors. Grave-stones tell truth scarce fourty years: Generations passe while some trees stand and old Families last not three Oaks. . #alliwantforchristmasisbooks day 26: can't stop talking…

Grave Marker- Giacomo Casanova, Italian adventurer/writer/librarian and womanizer. When Casanova died his last words are said to have been "I have lived as a philosopher and I die as a Christian". Casanova was buried at Dux, but the exact place of his grave was forgotten over the years and remains unknown today.

San Juan cemetery

This is an episode called Blink from Dr Who!!! You have to watch this episode!!! This is one of the best episodes ever and the one I used to get my kids hooked on Dr. Who!