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Buzzword der Stunde — Part 2: Von Liane zu Liane, von Transformation zur Tranisition

Buzzword der Stunde Part 2: Von Liane zu Liane von Transformation zur Tranisition

Detox seems to be such a popular buzzword these days and everyone seems to be doing one form or the other. I’ve seen so many different types of detoxes on the market, from the extreme lemon tea detox diet (which I do not recommend at all) to juice cleanses. Some detoxes come by the way of pills and…

Sephora launches 'Beauty Board' social shopping platform

Sephora Launches 'Beauty Board' Social Shopping Platform - Sephora is launching its own take on social shopping with Beauty Board, a Pinterest-meets-Instagram photo-heavy platform that encourages users to share and tag their "beauty looks." Social shopping is a big buzzword these days, as online retailers try to get consumers to move beyond catalog-style "shop and click" experiences to something more interactive and communal.

What Is Contextual Marketing? Some Context

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Buzz Tools Buzz Word Lettering Software

The Global Language Monitor. This is an interesting site. It talks about langue and there are different articles on the subject. Check it out! (Recommended for High Intermediate to Advanced learners)

Incredible ways that mindfulness can help your child focus and be happier!

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Dystopia is everyone's favorite buzzword right now, but what actually makes a good dystopian novel? This article from the Horn Book is an excellent breakdown of the genre (booklist included!). #ReadersAdvisory

15 Reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day

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