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AC/DC, Let There Be Rock (1977): Apparently, I think this album is better than "Highway to Hell" and though that one has a song or two that is better than anything on this one, this one is much more consistent across the entire album and has a couple more truly classic AC/DC tracks than that other one. This one gets a strong 4.0 on song score, and it passes the desert island test with that other, so this one is better as far as I am concerned. 8/23/16

AC/DC, High Voltage (1976): Is it just me or is AC/DC the loudest and most aggressive blues band in the world? And does this album contain some of their best blues offerings? Right now, I'm saying yes to both questions. And I would also assert that "The Jack" belongs among the great blues tracks of all time. It is a superb piece of sexy, smokey blues that oozes its way into one's brain where it sits for a spell. This earns its 4.00 song score nearly on that one alone. 8/26/16

AC/DC, Let There Be Rock (1980): I don't know if this was released as an official album back in '80 (nor do I really care). I do know that it was released as a movie back then, and I'll accept it as an album in that sense. It's an official release. And it is one hell of a live offering, scoring a 4.07 on song selection and featuring some blistering performances by the band. Let there be rock indeed. 6/18/16

Whitesnake, Live... In the Heart of the City (1980): Scoring live albums is a bit different than scoring a studio album, but mostly like scoring a compilation. Unless there is a song on here that hasn't appeared on a different 'Snake album, the songs get rated the same as they do on the album. This one does really well, scoring a 4.07, and it's a great and fulfilling live effort on top of that score. Fun album. 8/18/16

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