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AC/DC, Let There Be Rock (1977): Apparently, I think this album is better than "Highway to Hell" and though that one has a song or two that is better than anything on this one, this one is much more consistent across the entire album and has a couple more truly classic AC/DC tracks than that other one. This one gets a strong 4.0 on song score, and it passes the desert island test with that other, so this one is better as far as I am concerned. 8/23/16

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AC/DC, High Voltage (1976): Is it just me or is AC/DC the loudest and most aggressive blues band in the world? And does this album contain some of their best blues offerings? Right now, I'm saying yes to both questions. And I would also assert that "The Jack" belongs among the great blues tracks of all time. It is a superb piece of sexy, smokey blues that oozes its way into one's brain where it sits for a spell. This earns its 4.00 song score nearly on that one alone. 8/26/16

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AC/DC, Powerage (1978): Though this isn't one of the band's better efforts from the decade, it's still a rockin' good time throughout. The song score of 3.44 is mostly driven by the quality of "Rock n Roll Damnation," "Riff Raff," and especially "Sin City." These songs are classic AC/DC tracks, and they really allow Bon Scott to explore his range as a vocalist. Not their best but certainly not their worst. 8/20/16

Runaways, Waitin' for the Night (1977): This is another one of those albums that really doesn't have a truly classic track that makes the whole album that much better, but the album plays very well as a whole. And it plays well enough to demonstrate just what an influence this band was. They were more than those feminine faces on the cover. These women had something to say, and they damn well said it. Kudos. 8/23/16

Kiss, Love Gun (1977): This is one of my favorite album covers of all time. Not only did I have the image as a puzzle back when I was a kid, but i currently have the poster of this album cover sitting on the wall of my office. That being said, the music the albums contains is good (and great on occasion) but, with a song score of 3.6, the album cover makes this better than it actually is. 8/22/16

AC/DC, Back in Black (1980): Put simply, this is one of the finest eulogies I've ever had the privilege of listening to. How in the world does a band that has just lost a significant member like Bon Scott turn around and produce something of this quality within months of Bon's death? He died on Feb. 19 and the album was released on July 25 of the same year. 157 days. And to have it turn out as exceptional as this one is, that's simply amazing. This one has a well-deserved 4.6 song score…

Ted Nugent, Free-For-All (1976): The Motor-City Motor-Mouth turns in another decent effort in his 70s heydey with a little help from the vocally fantastic Meat Loaf. But for me, it's really Ted's vocal performance on the title track that is the shining gem of this set. At the very least, it propels this to a song score of 2.9, which isn't much, but it's better than nothing, kinda like Ted himself. 8/25/16

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