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DIY | Mean Green Glitter Shoes #diy #glitter #shoes #heels #green #unt #meangreen #graduation


Creative Uses for Mod Podge.

modge podge DIY shoe... SO cute! Amanda is making me shoes! Taking a simple black flat and modge podge-ing them with a phone book then making a big rose bow for the toes of them! so cool!!

Just like the other sharpie mug projects but this one you put stickers down first, dot all over, then peel off the stickers before putting the mug in the oven!

My wedding shoes halfway there modge podge and pink glitter is all it takes

My wedding shoes - Ruby Red Slippers. Modge Podge, glitter and clear coat.

Modge Podge, pink glitter and black (plain) high heel shoes = these ;) aka Barbie shoes

Transforming an old pair of shoes to dazzling glitter shoes in just a few easy steps. 1. brush modge podge onto the areas you are wanting to cover. 2.Sprinkle glitter over the modge podge area 3. Let is dry.. :)