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From 1935 publication 'Muss Russland Hungern?' [Must Russia Starve?], published by Wilhelm Braumüller, Wien [Vienna] depicted 1933 Kharkov German:"Die Anteilnahme schwindet." English "The sympathy shrinks!"

Three American soldiers lie half-buried in the sand at Buna Beach on New Guinea. This photo was taken in February 1943, but not published until September, when it became the first image of dead American troops to appear in LIFE during World War II. George Strock's photo was finally OK'd by government censors, in part because FDR feared the public was growing complacent about the war's horrific toll.

File:Mussolini e Petacci a Piazzale Loreto, 1945.jpg

Greek children under the Nazi occupation.

Werner Christukat, 89, has been indicted for participating in the 1944 massacre perpetrated by the SS in Oradour-sur-Glane. He says he wasn't directly involved. Seventy years after the fact, there are more questions than answers, and proof is elusive.

How Stalin crushed the Euromaidan of 1930 #Holodomor Photo: Stanislav Kosior, General Secretary of the Ukrainian Communist Party and one of the principal architects of the Ukrainian Famine (Holodomor)

Family making artificial flowers in their house in 1910. The youngest is 3 years old.

Faye Schulman and Soviet partisans in the forest. Faye Schulman was born in a large family in Poland on November 28, 1919. On August 14, 1942 the Germans killed 1850 Jews from the Lenin ghetto, including her parents, sister and younger brother. They spared only 26 people, one of them was Faye. Later she fled to the forests and joined the partisan group, consisting mainly of fugitive Soviet prisoners of war.

Adolf Hitler, in lively conversation with Hermann Goering and the Nazi press chief Ernst Franz Hanfstaengl, 1932.

Bigfoot Evidence: Heres the Bigfoot the Smithsonian Institute is hiding from us