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Erkunde Mädchen, Die Kunst und noch mehr!

Test Pilot: 1.5oz dark rum ¾ ozlight rum ½ ozfalernum ½ ozcointreau ½ ozlime juice 1 dashangostura bitters 1 dashabsinthe

Spooky but tasty drink recipes!

Dracula's Kiss •1-1/2 ounces SKYY Infusions Blood Orange •1-1/2 ounces blueberry pomegranate juice •1 ounce blood orange puree •1/2 ounce lemon juice •1/2 ounce simple syrup Directions: 1.Combine all ingredients into a shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

Lyonel Dry Gin | #packaging #bottledesign #gin

Cornbread Dressing with Sausage, Apples and Mushrooms

Poinsettia Cocktail (1/4 cup vodka 1/4 cup Champagne 1/2 cup cranberry juice)

The Soother: Brandy Cocktail Recipe

The Soother: 1 oz. Cognac 1 oz. Jamaican rum 1/2 oz. orange curaçao Juice of 1/2 lemon 1 tsp. apple juice 1/2 tsp. simple syrup (1:1) Tools: shaker, strainer Glass: goblet Garnish: lemon twist

The Classic Mai Tai

Classic Mai Tai: 1 oz Jamaican rum 1 oz rhum agricole 1/2 oz orange curacao 1 oz lime juice 1/2 oz orgeat 1/4 oz rich simple syrup 2:1 sugar to water crushed ice mint sprig for garnish. #Drinks #Cocktail

Crescent City 1 1/2 oz Sweet Vermouth (Cocchi) 3/4 oz White Label Rum (Smith & Cross) Juice 1/2 Lime (1/2 oz) 2 dash Angostura Bitters (1 dash Simple Syrup)

La Florida Rum Daisy

La Florida Rum Daisy 2 ounces white rum 1/2 teaspoon yellow Chartreuse 1/2 teaspoon Simple Syrup Dash of Angostura bitters 1 mint sprig, 1 spiral-cut lemon twist and 1 or 2 cherries, for garnish

Barbados Cocktail

Barbados Cocktail 1 ounce Velvet Falernum 1 1/2 ounces dark rum, such as Coruba 3/4 ounce freshly squeezed juice from 1 to 2 limes

Bumble Bee 1 1/2 ounces Jamaican rum (preferably Appleton Estate V/X) 1/2 ounce Jamaican rum, funky (preferably Smith and Cross) 3/4 ounce lime juice 1 ounce honey syrup (see Editor's Note) 1/2 ounce egg white Garnish: orange peel and Angostura bitters