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Erkunde Machen Ein, Ich Liebe Deutsch und noch mehr!

Ein Bauingenieur, ein Physiker und ein Volkswirt machen ein Überlebenstraining... #Blogturio @Lecturio

What IS a “Narcissist”

No need to scour the internet any longer. This is THE definitive definition of a Narcissist.

when we make a change, it's so easy to interpret our unsettledness as unhappiness, and our unhappiness as a result of having made the wrong decision. our mental and emotional states fluctuate madly when we make big changes in our lives, and somedays we could tight-rope across manhattan, and other days we are too weary to clean our teeth, this is normal. this is natural. this is change. - jeanette winterson

Narcissists and their flying monkeys often repeat lies as if they believe telling a lie often enough somehow transforms it into the truth. A lie is still a lie no matter how often it is repeated or who believes it. Or if it's written in capital letters. Still a lie folks.

Five Hundred Pound Peep: Escaping Flying Monkeys and Finding "Found Familie...

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