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Erkunde Wasser, Wohnen und noch mehr!

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Kaltgebrühter Kaffeegenuss

so moody, would look so pretty on my wall

The element of DIRECTION can have a powerful influence on the mood of a painting. It is something often overlooked, but making a conscience decision about the dominant direction in a painting can have a noticeable effect on the atmosphere of the work.

Contraluza Barca Nautical Wall Hanging Tapestry

Contraluza Barca Tapestry. Woven Fabrics Create Beautiful Coastal Tapestries. The Contraluza Barca Tapestry is Gorgeous. As the name implies, a contraluz is a place or area where light plays a key role in setting the atmosphere or mood. The boat in the calm waters suggests as much to us in this beautiful scene.

Maple Bacon Scented Candle

Set the mood for an epic meal by filling the atmosphere with the sultry aroma of this maple bacon scented candle. As soon as this soy wax candle's wick is lit, the room will fill with the intoxicating smell of cooked pork and your mouth will begin to water.

Travel | The Fifth Watches // Minimal meets classic design:

Where Did Life Evolve? - Many different habitats have been seriously suggested as the environment in which life began. However, some are less likely than others. Soil surfaces would not attract the quantity of organic material that would be available in water. Interstellar space and the atmosphere are too dry. Most theories of the origin of life suggest surface or shoreline habitats in lakes, lagoons, or oceans.

Crisp details in a suite of mid-latitude gullies on a crater wall are captured in this Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) view obtained in southern winter on 12 October 2006. During southern winter, shadows are more pronounced and the atmosphere is typically quite clear. These gullies, which may have formed in relatively recent martian history by erosion caused by flowing, liquid water, are located in a crater on the east rim of Newton Crater. Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space