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Erkunde Salon Zur, Zur Wilden und noch mehr!

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VögelchenTucked away just north of Lausitzer Platz, Vögelchen is a labyrinthine little café-bar where TLC rules the roost. The owner’s indefatigable approach to the finer details mean that almost every corner is littered with hand-picked ornaments and oddball furnishings: from a primed typewriter for the day-dreaming coffee fiends, to the antique piano for those of an ivory-tinkling inclination...

Tante Lisbeth | Muskauer Straße 49, 10997 Berlin

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Fuc bar

[f.u.c.] bar Travestraße 4 10247 Berlin A far cry from the city’s more pretentious spots, [f.u.c.] bar feels more like your best friend’s living room, if said living room came equipped with bubbly bartenders, cheap drinks, and a roster of DJs. This grungy dive in Friedrichshain is a Kiez favorite and makes a solid choice for pre-partying on the weekends.

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Gretchen | Unlike City GuidesLocated in the 19th century stables of Queen Victoria’s Prussian Though it caters to a scene that is decidedly prim and hip, things easily get wild and raucous once DJs and live acts start thumping their sounds through the system. Just as Faust’s once supposedly incorruptible Gretchen found her way astray, don’t be surprised if you’re led to wildly riotous nights here.

arcade, "alte nationalgalerie" (old national gallery), berlin

Homesick heart feelings for this place: Wohnezimmer Café... Prenz