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Jerusalem in Photos from 1862: No mosques, no Palestinians – only ghost towns of massacred Christian areas

Gateway to the “Metzuda” Citadel, Banias, Golan Creator: Francis Bedford (1815-94) (photographer) Creation Date: 23 Apr 1862

Das antike Jerusalem in 3-D

Aerial View of Ancient Jerusalem by Jochen Stuhrmann

Infantry lines North of Jerusalem, near Nebi Samuel, 1917. The Battle of Jerusalem ended up with British forces taking control of Jerusalem from the Ottoman Empire

Deutsch-Ostafrika | "Paar vom Stamm der Waschambaa" ca. 1906 - 1918 | Photographer Walther Dobbertin

Amiir (Later King) Fayshal ibn al-`Hussayn al-Haa`shimii with His Sudanese Personal Guard During the Arab Revolt Against the Ottoman Empire (1335s H Photograph; `Shaam; French Republic) -Paul Castelnau (Photographer; 1297.6.7-1363.7.8 H French) #Jordan __________________________________________ Britain imported many African Warrior from Sudan to support the revolt against the Ottoman; composing large part of the army. Their decendant might have mixed with the Arabs of today

skinnbroge based on Thorsberg (Norwegian Website) Beautiful embroidery and careful reproductions

Fritz Bauer: ein Mann, der mit seiner Courage ein ganzes Land veränderte.

Jerusalem | Harmony & Synergy