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Erkunde Geheimnisvolle, Die Suche und noch mehr!

Noch niemand hat bisher die geheimnisvolle Dunkle Materie direkt nachweisen können. Dabei müsste das ganze Universum voll davon sein. Ein Experiment an einem ungewöhnlichen Ort in Italien soll die Suche nun voranbringen.

SHAZAM! Spectacular cosmic pairing of star Hen 2-427 & nebula M1-67 seen 15K light-years away

von NASA

Pluto’s Haze in Bands of Blue

Pluto’s Haze in Bands of Blue - 1/14/2016 - This processed image is the highest-resolution color look yet at the haze layers in Pluto’s atmosphere. Shown in approximate true color, the picture is constructed from a mosaic of four panchromatic images from the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) splashed with Ralph/Multispectral Visible Imaging Camera (MVIC) four-color filter data, all acquired by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft on July 14, 2015. The resolution is....

Anatomy of Black Holes, my personal favorite things in the universe

Jupiter's Moons --"Hint at Life on Alien Moons of Gas Giants" 6/1/15 Jupiter and Io

False the sun is not 93 million miles away it is 30,000 miles away and equal size to the moon. We are the Tera firma below the firmament.

von Slate Magazine

Curating the Cosmos

Mimas Transits Saturn’s Ring Shadows, Cassini, Jan. 18, 2005, 2012. Courtesy of Michael Benson / Hasted Kraeutler gallery,NYC. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Michael Benson/Kinetikon Pictures. (c) All Rights Reserved.

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Rogue planets can form without a parent star

Rogue planets - New observations of tiny dark clouds called globulettes suggest that free-floaters may be capable of arising within. A team of astronomers from Sweden and Finland recently observed globulettes in the Rosette Nebula, a massive cloud of dust and gas. This nebula is home to about 100 of these tiny clouds. Globulettes are incredibly dense — slightly less than 13 times Jupiter’s mass. So these are tiny blotches of dust and gas that are downright planetary.