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Erkunde Kunst, Bsb00006570 Image und noch mehr!

Editor vs. Art Director, from Paul Hector: De arte athletica I - BSB Cod.icon. 393, 1, Augsburg, Mid-16th c., , view whole book here:

The Plague Doctor Or Doktor Schnabel von Rom ("Doctor Beak of Rome"), engraving by Paul Fürst, 1656.

1536-8 Portugal: Archer & crossbowman, detail from the "Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian" by Gregorio Lopes (ca 1490-1550) Location: Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Saint Maurice (d. 287) (also Moritz, Morris, or Mauritius) an Egyptian from Thebes, was the leader of the legendary Roman Theban Legion Martyred in Switzerland in the 3rd century for refusing to persecute Christians there. Maurice is 1 of the favorite & most widely venerated Martyr Saints of that group. Maurice is the patron Saint of soldiers, swordsmiths, armies & infantrymen. He is also a highly revered Saint in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Feast Day September 22. YBH

Wanderstöcke,Stöcke,Crozier Pastoral Staff,Crosses Episcopales,Crosse Crozier