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Erkunde Tiere, Ara und noch mehr!

Hellroter Ara, Ara macao

In addition to being possibly the most beautiful bird on the planet, macaws are also active, affectionate, playful, intelligent and engaging.

Black-headed Saltator (Saltator atriceps)

You Think YOUR Weather is Crazy…

Macaws Compete with Squirrels for Free Grub

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Macaw Release For Macaw Monday: The Best 12 Seconds Of Their Lives!

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest is a nature reserve in southern central Belize established in 1944 to protect and manage the native pine forest. Covering an estimated area of 106,352 acre (430 sq km), the site is home to a variety of large mammals including cougars, jaguars, ocelots, white-nosed coatis and the endangered baird’s tapir—the national animal of Belize.

Vendedores de várias regiões começam a chegar à noite, e cedinho já estão prontos para receber os visitantes. Leia mais

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala: The city, nestled below three volcanic peaks, is said to be the best-preserved colonial city in Central America. It's famous for its 16th Century Spanish architecture and cobblestone streets.

Monumento equestre a Filippo IV di Spagna, Pietro Tacca, Plaza de Oriente, Madrid