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Erkunde Regeln Aus, Jahre 1912 und noch mehr!

von :: Was is hier eigentlich los ::

Kino-Regeln aus dem Jahre 1912

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Conquest of the Pole / La conquète du pole (Georges Méliès, 1912) by puppetmister

Theda Bara: You say I have the most wicked face of any woman. You say my hair is like the serpent locks of Medusa, that my eyes have the cruel cunning of Borgia, that my mouth is the mouth of the sinister scheming Delilah, that my hands are like the talons of a Circe or the blood-bathing Elizabeth Bathory. And then you ask me of my soul — you wish to know if it is reflected in my face.

edwardianera: Intermission Card for Motion Pictures, 1912. #steampunk - ☮k☮