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Zürich, Hardturmstadion. Com_M03-0160-0005

Exhibition "Comets in Counter Space". Opening, 5 November 18.00 Exhibition venue: Counter Space, Röschibachstrasse 24, 8037 Zurich

Zürich-Wollishofen, Überholungsarbeiten an der "Stadt Zürich" in der Schiffswerft Wollishofen. Com_M25-0044-0002

su, stevenuniverse, ripquality

su, stevenuniverse, ripquality

Hyakutake, is a long-period comet from the Oort Cloud.

Die Augen der Welt = Photoreporter. Com_M01-1238-14

Katzenausstellung im Kongresshaus Zürich. Com_M12-0058-0002-0003

I'm in love with this little custom hand-made soap holder that Matt made for my kitchen. It keeps the soap off of the valuable counter space and also covers up some irreparable damage on the original back splash so that I could re-use it!

Figure 1 (updated Nov 6, 2013): The orbits of 2013 UQ4, 2013 US10 and 2013 UP8 are shown in a view looking down on the plane of the solar system. While 2013 US10 and 2013 UP8 orbit the sun in a counter clockwise direction (so called "direct" orbits like all the planets and most asteroids), 2013 UQ4 orbits in a clockwise (retrograde) direction. The positions of the asteroids and planets are shown for Nov. 5, 2013 . . .

Life - Detector for Mars