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produced by h concept. A volcanic-formed tissue dispenser, that works like a paperweight. A dancing ‘volcanic smoke’ look is created by sliding tissue paper through the center hole. The concept is not ‘how to cover’, but ‘how to show’ the contents.

Carpe Diem - Wall-Calendar 2014 by Oscar Diaz

A perfect solution to help you remember where you left your set of keys, helpful design by Mike Mak for SUCK UK

Real boy sharpener

Table Tennis Notebooks - A fun gift for sporty creative types. Set of 3 notebooks, for ideas, sketches and ping-pong…

Become the best food chopper/dicer/whatev other cuts there are....

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Frühjahrs-Kollektion,Kunststoff Leinwand,Schwarz Und Weiß,Box Chevron,Chevron Gift,Collection 656,Canvas Pill,Box Black,White Box

Tiny green sprout makes for highly unusual book mark. Clever little product by Doo Design Studio for SUCK UK