So beeinflusst Literatur die jungen Leser unter uns.

So beeinflusst Literatur die jungen Leser unter uns.

In this post we list basic facts about literacy and reading. You will discover why it's crucial for toddlers and preschoolers to have some exposure to words, letters, and letter sounds as well as why it's important for elementary-age students to not only learn how to read at an early age, but also, read well.

Oh, how I loved a spooky chapter book as a kid. I can remember reading this one in fifth grade and afterward lying in bed late at night with the covers clamped around my neck, scared out of my wits. And what time of year is better for a scary read than the season of ghouls and specters? We've taken a look at picture books specific to Halloween, and picture books about topics like bats and pumpkins that you can use to extend the season. Now, it's time to focus on books for bigger kids…

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Finding first chapter books that kids enjoy can make or break their love of reading. These 25 favorite chapter books are divided in two reading levels, grades 1-3 & 2-4, making it easy to find the right book. Most are book series, giving kids tons of reading fun!

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12 chapter books about diverse families for kids.

"Share your own recommendations! Just take one of the "like" bookmarks and place it in your favorite books on the shelves. These are some of the ones we like a lot!"

Why Read 20 Minutes? All parents need to read this. Really like the pictograph for visualization.

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