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so much fabric, so little time.

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Ist es auch bei dir wenn Zucker auf den Boden liegt!Wenn einkaufen gehst.

I would rather eat tofu than dead bodies. Every time I see the meat section of a grocery store, I see a morgue. Just look around the produce section. Many foods that most people eat are already vegan. ~KK

31 Dinge, die echt jeder schon mal getan hat, ohne stolz drauf zu sein


"Just stopped at the drug store. Bought a bag of chips, a chocolate bar, a bag of Swedish fish, a box of tampons and a box of midol. The guy who rang me up just looks at me a goes "I'm sorry""

In Kohls. For 20 minutes. Woithoiut a phone. And when I finally found her she wasn't even looking for me!

Please Stop Sending Polar Bears, We Only Rate Dogs. 10/10