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Cumulonimbus calvus - Wolken Online

Cumulonimbus calvus

Cumulonimbus pileus - Wolken Online

Altocumulus lenticularis and castellanus - New Zealand (2006)

Cumulonimbus calvus - Wolken Online

Storm Chaser Kelly DeLay Just Captured the Shot of a Lifetime What you see here is a massive supercell in Colorado that produced sister tornadoes. Here’s how Kelly described it to me when we spoke earlier today: This was a beautiful storm, very large and powerful obviously. When I chase storms, I like to stay back for the most part so I can see structure. I am interested in the whole picture not just if it produces a tornado.

Stratocumulus virga - Wolken Online

A steam ring being blown from the Bocca Nuova vent of Mount Etna, Sicily. Steam rings are generated when a pulse of steam is ejected from a near-cylindrical volcanic vent

"Turbulent motions between differing air masses create undulating clouds over Kansas in 2006. Meteorologists are proposing these clouds be designated ... 'Undudlus Asperatus.'" This would be the first new cloud type named in over 50 years. - photo by Jane Wiggins

Stratocumulus lenticularis - Wolken Online

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