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Push Up Progression - Convict Conditioning. Need to start practicing!! Goal for my birthday!!!

Two things about this photo grab me. 1 is that these two children will never know the trouble they would stir up if it were 2013. 2 the time a little girl could go without wearing a shirt and not be scandalous is so long gone.

mototerra: Contemplating the vastness of what lies before her…

Als Ente elegant auf Eis landen, gif’d | Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

We did this but used water balloons for Easter ( not filled with water ;) ) and took friendship bracket string, took an entire wound and wrapped it around the aired up balloon ,after the string being dipped in liquid glue I think it was, and let dry over night, easily we got eighty something in bright Easter colors in the shape of eggs and usedthem for decoration :)

Haters Gonna Hate | Light Up Neon Sign | Typography Word Art

Der Fuchs ist die einzige Hundeart die Ihre Krallen teilweise ausfahren kann.

One Piece truly is a great life commitment. People who didn't start watching it when there were only like 100 episodes or just started watching it when it first started have the hardest time looking at all those episodes (Approximately 730) and thinking to themselves. Yeah. I'm going to dedicate my entire summer to catching up on this! It doesn't work like that. Because now it's intimidating. I'm so glad I have a friend who kept pestering me when I was bored with everything else I was…

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