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Anti-circus, elephant abuse.

My children will never go to a circus. And no, they won't miss out because of it.

Stop Abusing the Cherokee Bears

Poor not support circuses

I don't see you as a woman, just another run of the mill animal abuser.

THE CRUELEST SHOW ON EARTH! One of the egregious things circuses do is deny animals water before and in between performances! It is said they will catheter an elephant to empty her bladder so she cannot urinate during a performance. BOYCOTT CIRCUSES! HELP END THEIR SUFFERING!

Tourists contributing to the abuse of Asian Elephants.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus' Boom-A-Ring: Animal Open House

Petition to sign and share. STOP ''FREE'' ADS FOR ANIMALS ON CRAIGSLIST December 14 · Started by Patricia Compton · Invite Friends · Reposts 1 To: CRAIGSLIST Many animals advertised for free are far too often used as bait animals in dogfighting and or end up being sold for medical research. Also, many are killed and tortured during a domestic abuse situtation.