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Nathan Vom Fegelhof (Nate) 12X Schutzhund 3, trainer Beth Bradley's German Shepherd

Bodyguard Cane Corso doing Schutzhund demo. Notice the dog does not attack until an aggressive move is made. These dogs are the most highly trained, trustworthy dogs there are. Notice too that he is not blindly attacking the perpetrator, but going for the arm as it is not damage, but capture and restraint that the dog is after. Also be aware of the absolute control of the dog's handler over the behavior despite the dog's ability to work independently. They WILL NOT harm the innocent.

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Black German Shepherd ~ Fierce What my lexy looks like when you come up to our fence !! too funny . but also i dont advise anyone to do it , see a side of her i dont like when this happens !

German Shepherds are good pillows <3