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Gemma: "Collage has a privileged relationship with our epoch, the latter being understood as a juxtaposition of heterogeneities. a contingent net upon the temporary meeting points, their fugues and voids included. The Disappearance of every kind of hierarchy and an « assemblage » of inequalities. Overlapped messages which texturize ephemeral realities, only fulfilled if related with the environment".

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything! What's the most important thing to you? Now think of ways to stand up for it.

Fala-se tanto da necessidade de deixar um planeta melhor para os nossos filhos e, esquece se da urgência de deixarmos filhos melhores para o nosso planeta.

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Jesse Treece Collage King inspiration

My hair dresser is better than yours. -a

George Grosz und John Heartfield - Dada-merika (1919) #collage

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