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Verschenken Sie ein Abenteuer - eine Nacht im originalgetreu nachgebauten Römerlager Contubernia! Mit Abendessen am Feuer. ... Zum Artikel

Hadrian's Wall Live event

Lunt Roman Fort - Steve's Digicams ForumsThe Granary is one of three that would have been at afort this size, keeping around 600 soldiers in food for one year. The only building built on legs, to keep the rats out, and along with louvre windows to keep the supplies from damp.

A turf and timber Roman fort near Coventry It's A.D. 60; the Iceni of East Anglia led by the legendary Boudica have rebelled against Roman rule, and have just been defeated in a terrible battle fou...

on May 19, 2013 in Bramsche, Germany.

Lunt Roman Fort - Steve's Digicams ForumsThis is a training ring called a Gyrus. Roman soldiers would exercise and do weapons training along with training/breaking in horses that were the fruits of their battle victories.

Helmet in a leather cover inspired by Vindonissa findings

Саймон Скэрроу | Древний Рим | ВКонтакте

Legio XXI Rapax - a short movie by David Andriyan from Edward Motion

The Legatus. Maybe is rewarding us with a special donativa, who knows?

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