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Nearly cob in Austin, TX: Leichtlehmbau (German for light straw-clay) makes an enchanting impression.

(via My Intro to Cob « Natural Living School) the kitchen of laughing house at cob cottage…

cob house russia

Cob/Wellerlehm – das beste Baumaterial!

Schönes, organisch geformtes Cobhaus in den USA. Quelle: Gerry Thomasen from Nanaimo, Canada.

If it were an option, I would totally have a Hobit house... This is not a joke, I am dead serious and will look into making it a reality one day.

Owner: Marie Ouhrabka/ Don Henley, Builder: Don Young/ Jon Wild and company involved in finishing work Location: Aspen, Colorado Date of Construction: 1972

Beautiful integrated fireplace, banco, and niches

beautiful house created with natural building techniques my Earth, Hands and Houses. Website on natural building

Air, Water, Waste, Food, Energy – Designers Imagining Self-Contained Living Systems