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The camera that started it all! Back in 2000 I was a regular reader of EDGE magazine. The magazine featured indepth interviews with players in the industry and they had cool portraits with them. I figured I wanted to make cool portraits too and bought a 'serious' camera. During a mission trip in 2000, I shot 9 film rolls in one week, so it didn't take long before I made the step to digital photography.

Film Roll Salt and Pepper Shakers

Film Roll Salt and Pepper Shakers - Spice up your food photography $15

Salt and pepper shakers by Ingela P Arrhemius @Giorgia Papagno you will love this!

DIY Photography: Homemade Autochrome Camera

If you really want to get experimental with photography, you could always try what photographer Dominique Vankan did and build yourself a custom large format camera. What were his building blocks of choice? His somewhat questionable choices were LEGO, cardboard, and duct tape.

Plus Salt & Pepper Grinder by Muuto | fun. comes in all-black and all-white, too.

Film Roll Salt and Pepper Shakers

If your favorite dance move is the salt-and-pepper, then you will like this…like a lot. It’s a set of Film Roll Salt & Pepper Shakers! They look like film rolls on the outside, but they’re filled with delicious condiments on the inside. Mmmm. $15

Chef Inspired Spiceologist Block™

Love this!! Spiceologist Block™ - Starter from Spiceologist

Un grand nombre d'appareil photos qui ne demande que très peu de pellicules ;)

The f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer

Cool kitchen timer that looks like a camera lens. Fun gift for any photographer in your family, or friend.

A salt and pepper shaker you have to break in order to use. Constructive destruction - love it!