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Erkunde Aktuell, Regen 25 06 1982 und noch mehr!

German Clouds support Rain. Bi Rain - But I Love You Full MV k-pop [german sub]

French Clouds support Rain. Bi Rain Bad Guy french sub

Rain and Vogler bring East and West together at the 2011 Dresden Music Festival, as showcased on this German TV report.

Arabic Clouds support Rain. Bi Rain - Busan Girl [ Arabic Sub ]

Bi Rain 31st Birthday Gift: "Fresh Woman FLASHMOB in Turkey!", via YouTube. (Credit: oluperigelin @YT, Turkey)

[Rain (Bi) Message]110331 Rain promoting Malaysia F1 GP Race Concert.

von Cloud USA

Turkish Clouds stand tall at K-Pop Cover & Dance Festival in their country.

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von Cloud USA

[map] Believe it when they say Rain is a World Star.

This is a unique visitors map from when our Cloud USA media blog hit one million full page views back in November 2011 (another 600,000 has been added to that total since then). Believe it when they call him a world star.