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Opinion: Is TIME Screwing Photographers? Yes.


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This Surreal ‘HyperZoom’ Time-Lapse Looks Like One Continuous Shot

This Surreal HyperZoom Time-Lapse Looks Like One Continuous Shot

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Photographer’s Business Booms After Her Viral Act of Kindness

Photographers Business Booms After Her Viral Act of Kindness


In Memoriam: Remembering the Photographers We Lost in 2015

As 2015 rolls to a close, TIME LightBox pauses to remember the great photographers we lost this year

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The Red List Lets You Study the Work of the Greatest Photographers

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My Advice to the Guy Who Wrote 'Advice to Aspiring Full Time Photographers'


8 Reasons Digital Photographers Should Try Film

One Thing That Will Make You the Best Photographer

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Portraits of People Lost in Invisible Device Screens

Bilder gegen Kontaktverlust Eric Pickersgill ist Künstler und als solcher Gastdozent an der University of North-Carolina. Er hat sich über Smartphones Gedanken gemacht, weshalb er sich seine Umgebung...

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Quick and Dirty Explanation of Color Depth: What It is and Why You Should Care

A great video by Techquickie explains what exactly color depth is, and why it's important to photographers and videographers.