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Erkunde Interessiert Sich, Sich Nicht und noch mehr!

Till Ruprecht ist 16 und interessiert sich vor allem für eines: das Posaunespielen. Vor einer unsicheren Zukunft als Künstler fürchtet er sich nicht.

1957 Porsche RS 550A Spyder  fuuuck yes! Sleek like a bullet. Top faves
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California Porsche Restoration: The Art Of Blending Craftsmanship & Technology

1957 Porsche RS 550A Spyder fuuuck yes! Sleek like a bullet. Top faves

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Girlboss Tech Hacks You Might Not Know

Venus Trapped in Mars // Lifestyle + Sports Blog // Dallas: Girlboss Tech Hacks You Might Not Know:

Sportswear company Nike has designed a 3D-printed sports bag for players taking part in the FIFA World Cup 2014, kicking off this week in Brazil.

This motor concept, known as Care I., is the best example of modern-day technology is mixed with the design and speed. It is designed and visualized by a France-based company, Design enzyme. I. Motorcycle maintenance is intended to be Aston Martin's two-wheeled world with a 1.8 engine six-cyclinder Honda.

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The NFL is the first sports league on Snapchat Discover

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Boeing is using Google Glass to build airplanes

Google Glass, the company's augmented reality eyewear, may have been a huge consumer flop, but it's still finding its way into the workflows of professionals. In a report from, members of...