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That is...The Spirit of Sensuality where ecstasy becomes a new frequency that takes us closer to Source.

This looks like it would be a great stretch... Bow Pose upside down!

Pensive Ponderings: God on the Dance Floor



I love spooning, as it is one of my favorite forms of affection, especially on those cold winter nights, with your partners arm holding you close, and keeping you warm. Hot summer nights are an entirely different story…more like I still want you close, but please keep your distance.  There are several things to keep …

Meditation sensitizes you so you can connect with your deeper Self, which leads to fabulous sexual experiences. Once you re-sensitize your body, intricate sex techniques no longer matter. The key to fabulous sex lies in sacred sexual sensitivity training. Meanwhile, on the path to tantric lovemaking, you will experience a learning curve, which is why studying with a qualified tantric practitioner is vital.

A LOVE-ly journey into ancient sexuality as expressed through Art, literature and more...

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