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Africa | Portrait 1896, South Africa; possibly Zulu people. | © Foto: Ethnologisches Museum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin

Africa | Man of the Banza in Province de l'Equateur (now Equator Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo). | © Casimir Zagourski African postcards, 1924-1941 (inclusive). Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University

Africa | Bakutu woman. Boende, Tshuapa District, Equateur Province, Belgian Congo. ca. 1940/50s | Scanned vintage photographic print; photographer C. Lamote

Africa | Portrait of a Kunama woman, Eritrea. ca. 1974 | This is an old post card image. Photographer unknown //

Africa | Man wearing the headdress from Chief Nzoya's dance costume. Bamum people. Cameroon. ca. early 1900s | ©Bernard Ankermann, Ethnologisches Museum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin

Africa | Bassoundi man. Belgian Congo || Scanned vintage postcard; Collection J Audema

Africa | Wolof woman. Dakar, Senegal | Vintage photographic print. ca. 1940

Africa | Vintage postcard, circa 1920, publisher & photographer unknown, author’s collection. Fulani or Peul woman.

Tibetan nobleman | Lhasa, ca. 1938/9 | ©Ernst Schäfer

Africa | Young women from Fouta Djallon. Central Guinea. ca. 1955 || Scanned old postcard; published by Hoa - Qui.