Erkunde Erde Sterben, Snoop Dogg und noch mehr!

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Plizzanet Earth: Snoop Dogg erklärt uns die Tierwelt

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Every human is a celebrity! :-)~ Everyone displays a different beauty

baby smiles are to die for!

Harry Potter always wins. Laughing so hard at this!

Screw you Gandalf. I'm about to die in a sack with Kili yelling "I've got parasites!"

I am actually wondering about this now too. However a couple issues. Loki was left my Laufey to die because he is too small, Odin says so. So more likely his mother isn't terrain (human) but could've had the same form and been from another planet. We see many human looking people not of earth. Whoever it was- if she was human or mortal she died a very long time ago.

Did you mean: oh, wait, no Sherlock episode has ever been fully resolved, just cliffhanger after cliffhanger for two years, then MORE two years...

Oakentoon #72: On the matter of romance by on @deviantART

Oakentoon #72: On the matter of romance by on @deviantART

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