Erkunde Abfahrt Aus, Aus 5 und noch mehr!

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Riding on Thin Air: Abfahrt aus 5.359 Metern Höhe (Downhill Moutain Biking)

Vegas 4K on Vimeo by Keith Kiska

Breathtaking POV Wingsuit Flight from Mt. Kilimanjaro

Norway a Wonderland - Film - Maxdreamcreator (Glidecam HD-2000, Canon 7D)

GoPro Bomb Squad: Canyon Rope Swing

"If I only scrape a living, at least it’s a living where I’m scraping." Love what you do and the money doesn't matter.

Guns N’ Roses: Welcome to the Jungle (Jazz Remix)

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Supercut: 60 Sekunden Knochenbrüche

Scenes from an unreleased short-docu about Guatemalan marathon runner Anaco Garcia. Audio recorded from a phone conversation we had after the shoot...

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