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DERUWA: Neue Beweise: Mond-Landung nur Fake?

Shell Holes at Point du Hoc - Normandy, France, via Flickr.

US assault troops shown coming ashore from LCT 538 at 'Red Easy Sector', Omaha Beach as part of the 37th Engineer C. Battalion, which was the assault battalion of the second assault wave in support of the 16th Infantry Regiment, 5th Engineer Special Brigade. c. 11.30-12.30 june 6, 1944. This photo was taken by Captain Herman V. Wall of the 165th Signal Photographic Co. Wall also became an early casualty of the Normandy invasion, when he stepped on a beach mine.

1944 Frankreich, Normandie, Blick auf ein deutsches Kriegsgefangenenlager nach der Landung

"Verunglückte Landung eines Seeflugzeugs" 1918 / Lozenge camouflage by drakegoodman, via Flickr