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This is so true! It has happened with my husband, my best friends, my family! We are just meant to be and they change my life for the better every single day! ❤️

So true... This should be read by everyone! Don't compete with others, compete with yourself to be better each day:)

See, this is why I COULDNT be your "friend" again when you asked...I worked hard to get rid of those feelings, to grow stronger & to find out who I am...& I knew that if I have in, all if those feelings would come rushing back & it wouldn't have been good...NOTHING good would have come out of least not for me...& as much as I cared about you, I never cared about me in the process & that's what I'm doing now. Doing what's best for me.

He didn't look at me much different but he sure acted like he liked me. He was always so sweet. I should have seen the signs. Instead I listened to all my friends who were sure he likes me. I got my hopes up and Im left with nothing but heartache at the thought of you.

Please don't doubt my love for you, it's the only thing I'm sure of. I will try not to doubt.

"never stop showing someone how much they mean to you"

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