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Antarctic territorial claims: Chilean, British, Argentine, Norwegian, Australian, French, New Zealand


Help Unravel a Gordon Parks Southern Mystery

A Gordon Parks photo from 1956 raises tantalizing questions about race and class in the Jim Crow South. Now, Lens is asking readers to help uncover the identities of the people in the picture.

Next time someone says racism isn't real, show them this 3-minute video - Vox

von Salon

10 ways white people are more racist than they realize

Progressives like to believe they're enlightened, but they're no less vulnerable to their implicit biases

Record Locator - The Internet's #1 Source for Background Checks

von Mail Online

Dr Barry's deathbed sex secret: The extraordinary truth about a great war hero and medical pioneer

Dr. James Barry became the first woman to practice medicine in Britain by living successfully as a man for over forty years.

by Dr Boyce Watkins David Van Valen has a life that is built for legend.  The young scientist and his family set trends years ago when he..

von Mashable

The racist signs South Africans had to look at every day for 40 years

Beaches, bridges, swimming pools, washrooms, cinemas and even burial grounds were all segregated under Apartheid in South Africa.

A woman and her 2 children die within 24 hours of each other and are buried on a bed of flowers.. 5000 years later they are found, still holding hands.