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Muffy Schladensky - Commercial Management Coordinator, Woodruff Brokerage Company

Kevin Smith - Senior Vice President, Training Director and Area Director, Woodruff Property Management Company

Leah Shiver - Senior Property Administrator, Woodruff Property Management Company

Donnie Paulk - Vice President, Woodruff Contracting Company

Anthony Glackmeyer - IT Director, Woodruff Holding Company

Lucy Jones - Vice President/Realtor, Woodruff Marketing and Corporate Business Development

Otis J. Scarborough - President, George C. Woodruff Company, Woodruff Holding Company

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The Organize 365 Team - Organize 365 -

Meet The Organize 365 Team!

Yes, you saw right. That is Play-Doh on the tables of our employee break room! Here at Woodruff Real Estate, we believe in fun.

Kathy Rice - Human Resources Director, Woodruff Holding Company