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Erkunde Schelling, Kunstfotografie und noch mehr!

Soft Paws helps protect from damage caused by scratching. Dr. Christianne Schelling offers this humane solution.

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von Martha Stewart

Paper Dogwood Flowers

Zweig mit Papierblüten und -blättern

maybe if the scratching post costs as much as furniture they will use it

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It is important not to use human or doggie drugs for cats without consulting your veterinarian. Some dog flea products are deadly in cats, and many of the common over-the-counter human painkillers (e.g., inbuprofen) are also toxic! Cats have important differences in certain liver enzyme drug processing systems that make them susceptible to toxicity so it is important not to take chances! Here are more tips for safe handling of feline medications from Dr. Christianne Schelling.