Princess Alexandra of Denmark by Sir Samuel Luke Fildes, RA (English 1843 –…

Queen Louise consort of Christian IX of Denmark. Mother of TSARINA MARIA FEODOROVNA. TSAR NICHOLAS II"s grandmother.

The Princess Charlotte, Princess Royal later Queen Charlotte of Württemberg;1766 –1828 the eldest daughter of George III. She was later the Queen Consort of Frederick of Württemberg.

Alexandra, Queen of England. Wife of Edward VII and daughter-in-law of Queen Victoria.

Marie-Julie Clary, Queen of Naples with her daughter Zenaide Bonaparte by Robert…

queen alexandra of england, 1902 coronation

Kaiserin Elisabeth von Österreich

The Princess Palatine Elisabeth of the Rhine (1652-1722). Daughter of Elector Karl I Ludwig of the Rhine and his 1st wife, The Princess Charlotte of Hesse-Cassel. Duchess of Orléans as 2nd wife of Philippe I, 1st Duke of Orléans. Children surviving to adulthood: Philippe II, 2nd Duke of Orléans, and Élisabeth of Orléans, Granddaughter of France. Granddaughter of James I of England's daughter Elizabeth, winter queen of Bohemia. 1st cousin 1x removed of Philippe's 1st wife, Henrietta of…

Coronation of Queen Alexandra.

Charlotte, Princess of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria, Carlota, Empress Consort of Mexico; by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, c. 1864. Her father was Leopold I, King of Belgium. She would later marry Maximilian I, Emperor of Mexico, Archduke of Austria.

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