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Erkunde Weihnachtskarte 2013, Wurde und noch mehr!

Die alljährliche Kardashian-Weihnachtskarte ist da und es gibt wieder Anlass zur Spekulation. Wer hineingephotoshoppt wurde und wer ganz auf dem Familienfoto fehlt, verraten wir HIER:


Awesome family portrait

Another interesting take on the family portrait. I would love to see how my dad, mom and me and my three sisters would have looked all lined up there! It would've been one ugly ass family picture with our big noses and double and triple chins!!! Lol!!! Excellent idea for the beautiful people.

large families / this works: orange for splash / lime green and then the whites/creams/tans with a little plaid thrown in

cute extended family pose | white, and tan | mix and match patterns with a little navy blue!

Top left too much white / blows out the people - bottom adding in the Tan much stronger / as is the yellow for a pop of color or the brown for a stronger color palette