Erkunde Blech, 1970 Essen und noch mehr!

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Wine Jello (Marguerite Patten's Recipe Cards, 1967)

Stuffed ring bologna - This evil sausage was normal on the outside but deeply rotten inside. Certainly the cook wanted to create a striking metaphor for corruption!

Bad and Ugly of Retro Food: The Calm (Recipe Cards #11)

Sausage rolls in aspic - Wherever a sausage turns up, pickled cucumber and hard boiled eggs aren't far.

Chicken Mousse in Aspic. A Cult Classic. (Family Circle Salad Book, 1972)

Blood sausage lasagna - When the lovely little italian restaurant round the corner has to adept to German taste.

Have you hosted one too many children's birthday parties? Wish to god you never had to do another? Then follow these EZ steps at your next party and it will be the last one, too. First, using a cookie cutter shaped like a child, cut out little liverwurst shapes to serve on open face sandwiches. Second, well, there really isn't any need for a second.

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