Erkunde Aerial Hoop Lyra, Freiburg und noch mehr!

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Lena Gutschank floats through the room | Photo: per

Lyra performer at Ringling Brothers

Calendar 2015 Aerial hoop Brno Dance institut blanca, photo

two point aerial hoop/lyra

looks like she's flying like peter pan

Float. Photographer says, "2nd in the series with Emma Goh and Steven Watson, a couple of brilliant aerialists that I shot recently in a rainforest close to where I live. Yes she is actually just lying across his feet suspended in mid air. These two were just so graceful. I was thrilled that I could get the reflection as well--fortuitously slowly flowing creek that day."

I already plan on moving into Lyra in addition to poling, but I am waiting until I have at least a year of pole under my belt. Silks would be amazing too, but I love the looks of lyra

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