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Horse Gear Innovations Shop - Allround-Pad rund oder eckig, verschiedene Filzfarben, Wollfilzpad

Horse Gear Innovations Shop - AKTION - Wollfilzpad allround Karakulschaf rund oder eckig

Horse Gear Innovations Shop - Wade-Sattel nach Kundenwunsch

Horse Gear Innovations Shop - Custom Showpad in Premiumqualität, 36" x 34"

Best Ever Pads OG Wool - Turquoise Croc Leather - Crystal Cross, Custom, Rodeo, One of a Kind, Saddle Pads, Horse Tack

Wade Pads with Crocodile print - Broken W Cowboy Gear

Horse Gear Innovations Shop - Showpad in Premiumqualität, 36" x 34"

Giraffe print pad from Professional's Choice!

Wollfilzpad Karakul von Horse Gear Innovations KG

I like the idea of hanging the saddle pad separate from the saddle. Keeps them together but allows plenty of room to dry out after use.

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