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Margaret Tudor, b.28 November 1489 Richmond Palace, Surrey, England, d.18 October 1541 (aged 51) Methven Castle, Perthshire, Scotland. Second child and eldest daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, she marries three times. In 1503 to James IV of Scotland and becomes Queen of Scotland; Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus in 1514 and Henry Stewart, 1st Lord Methven in 1528. It is through her first marriage that she becomes grandmother of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Catherine de Valois Queen of England (1401-1437),daughter of Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria. Married Henry V and after his death Owen Tudor. She was the grandmother of Henry Tudor who became Henry VII, founder of the Tudor dynasty.

Hofkleiderbuch (Abbildung und Beschreibung der Hof-Livreen) des Herzogs Wilhelm IV. und Albrecht V. 1508-1551

The Vienna Coronation Gospels represent one of the most beautiful manuscripts of the Middle Ages and a major work of court art at the time of Charlemagne. The book consists of 236 purple-dyed vellum leaves with text written in gold and silver ink. Each of the four Gospels begins with a painted portrait of the respective Evangelist. Ca. 800-1200 AD

The marriage of King Henry VI of England and Margaret of Anjou

Margaret of Anjou (1430 –1482) - wife of a 23-year old Henry VI since she was 15. At that time she was described as beautiful, and furthermore "already a woman: passionate and proud and strong-willed".Her ambitions led to The Rebellion of Yorkists' but she defended her crown until the end. During the fight she lost her only son Edward who - as rumored - was born from Duke Edward Somerset. Henry VI himself said that Prince Edward was born not only as the holy spirit. Died in France at 52/53.

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Who Were You In A Past Life?

Edward IV (1442 - 1483). King from 1461 - 1470 and 1471 - 1483. He fought against Henry VI in the War of the Roses. He married Elizabeth Woodville and had many children. He won the throne in 1461 after beating his cousin, Henry VI. He again had to fight his cousin when Margaret of Anjou invaded in 1470, but beat them again a year later. He died young in 1483.