Erkunde Rote Mähne, Rothaarige und noch mehr!

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Purple Box: In Pictures.

Die einfachsten Tricks für mehr Volumen im Haar

Kupfer Haare sind ♡♡♡♡

78. Männer Haare: Model Dominic Hauser hat mit seiner roten Mähne und dichtem Vollbart gar kein Problem. #BeardHype

*fakes a smile* So I guess I have no friends anymore.Chloe and I hardly talk anymore and same with Jacob.I guess Sydney is going 2 be my only friend.She has been busy the last couple of days writing songs for the tour tho.Which we will have 2 leave very soon. *sighs* I wish I had a bf. *sits on her bed*- Katherine

Alexia D'Clere, heroine of She Walks in Power

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