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Erkunde Nefertem, Ägypten Alten und noch mehr!

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The goddess Sekhmet, daughter of Re, wife of Ptah and mother of Nefertem is associated with the lioness and takes its attributes as dangerous power but also maternal instinct. Sekmet has the body of a woman and the head of a lioness. Nefertem Chapel at Abydos ~ by Paul Smit

Nefertem - God of Perfume Also known as He Who is Beautiful and Water Lily of the Sun, was god of both healing and beautification

Vintage 1920s flapper headband

Headdress worn by Rose Caron

vintage botanical print | The Waterlilies. 1905.

Egyptian Jewelry by Art & Vintage, via Flickr

Art deco Enameled Egyptian Revival Necklace

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