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Erkunde Fühlen Sich Die Bern, Bernie Sanders und noch mehr!

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Hillary Clinton : Die Ungeliebte Sie ist die Frau, die Donald Trump besiegen muss. Jeder Amerikaner kennt sie. Aber Hillary Clinton schafft es nicht, die Wähler für sich zu begeistern. Was fehlt ihr? Porträt einer lebenslangen Wahlkämpferin Von Kerstin Kohlenberg

Philips LivingColors Iris #Wohnen #Galaxus

Making Sense of Geographic Variations in Health Care: the New IOM Report | The Health Care Blog

Can somebody explain this Shit to me? Why on earth do these people keep voting for Mitch McConnell and his band of Criminal "Do Nothing but give themselves Raises" Congress?? This time they just may get their way and tear into Social Security and Medicare and then what?? I can guarantee these very same people will be the first to Scream and Yell! I've never seen anything like it, just Insane.

A watchdog report critical of her use of a personal email account took center stage.

Obama's legacy in a nutshell

The Lessons Of Aleppo (For Trump) | Zero Hedge

Former CIA Spy Has A Christmas Message For Trump

1.5C rise in temperature enough to start permafrost melt, scientists warn